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My son Chuck recently said to me, “Dad you have led an interesting life and you will not live forever. I would like to interview you via Zoom for family and friends’ enjoyment”.

Admittedly, I do enjoy talking about myself. “Sure, sounds like fun” I replied. We were COVID-19 homebound so we had time and recorded 13 episodes. It’s been a remarkable experience. One of the best aspects has been to spend such quality time with my wonderful son. We know each other even better now and we appreciate that.

Doing the research and reliving some of my 78 years has been both painful and joyful. I have tried to be accurate, kind but candid in my comments. There are many people who have helped and supported me over the years. I wish I could name them all but I can’t. In my up and down 14-year political life I bumped others, and others bumped me. When I thought appropriate I commented on them and if I mischaracterize anyone I do apologize.

In my corporate life, Pfizer was a fabulous firm to work for which I did for 40 years. It was a place of many outstanding people. I am proud of the company and my work there as a Senior VP and as President of the Pfizer Foundation. I am equally proud and appreciative of the many extraordinary men and women who worked with me over the years and contributed so much to our mutual successes.

I hope you enjoy these glimpses of my life as much as I have enjoyed sharing them. 

Sincerely,  Chuck Hardwick. June 2020

The episodes are in approximate chronological order. To play any of the videos on this website, simply click the arrow. If you need help you can call Chuck Hardwick, Jr. at 760-579-6120.

Episode One/Early Childhood
Episode Two/Grade School
Episode Three/Dad’s near death experience
Episode Four/Summer of 1956 though March, 1959
Episode Five/An unexpected wedding
Episode Six/Seminoles and Civil Rights
Episode Seven/The Wonder Years
Episode Eight/Science for the World’s Well-being
Episode Nine/Sylvania
Episode Ten/From Westfield to Trenton
Episode Eleven/The Reagan Years
Episode Twelve/Speaker of the House
Episode Thirteen/ Run for Governor

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Interviews provided by Chuck Hardwick, Jr.

Music provided by Ben Lapidus and used with his permission